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Brand building

Protestant daycare association Delmenhorst & Oldenburg-Land

Brand development of the daycare association

Starting with two brainstorming sessions, we began with the mission of brand building for the KiTa association. During the meetings with the KiTa managers and the management, we worked together to develop elementary characteristics that should be incorporated into the brand. Special questioning techniques and more resulted in clusters of terms, which in turn have a weighty ranking.

evkita word cloud

We developed the following terms collectively for consideration in the logo development:

evkita doll circle graphic

The figurative mark

The figurative mark embodies the concepts of openness, trust and community. We were able to implement these concepts very well in color and form.

evkita doll figurative mark

The word mark

The word mark embodies the concepts of quality and professionalism. Due to the shape of the font, the wordmark appears quite clear and coordinated and thus qualitative.

evkita doll word mark

The final logo

Logo evkita doll

In addition to the brand, our doings were extensive:

Corporate design manual

evkita doll style guide


evkita letter head


evkita doll folder


evkita doll invitations


evkita doll RollUp


evkita doll website

To simplify matters, we mainly use the masculine form of language, but include all groups of people (m, f, d) equally.