We are ARTKURAT. That’s not just our name; it’s how we act. We treasure our fantastic clients and love to give back by engaging socially in Delmenhorst. We are particularly passionate about youth soccer, which is why we are actively supporting this area at the moment.


  • A club with tradition, established in 1973
  • Faced tough times and had to file for bankruptcy in 2002
  • Revived and re-founded in 2012
  • Values: unity, dedication, fairness, tolerance, respect
  • Goal: achieve as much success as possible and provide support to people
  • Currently playing in the Regional League
Engagement. | ARTKURAT ® Werbeagentur
social engagement | SV Atlas


  • established in 1982
  • Competing in the District League
social engagement | SV Tur Abdin

Engagement is responsibility.

Through our sponsorships of two Delmenhorst football clubs, we provide multi-faceted help: visually, through our work and new designs, and socially: SV Atlas and SV Tur Abdin offer children and youth a second home, keeping them off the streets and away from crime. They both play a role in bringing people together , fostering integration, and teaching respectful interaction by providing a shared goal. SV Atlas has been a beacon for Delmenhorst football since 1973.

Since their revival and re-founding in 2012, they have been successfully competing in the Regional League, making them the perfect hub for those who want to play football seriously and successfully. With their values of unity, tolerance, and respect, they stand for exactly what defines us as well .

SV Tur Abdin also makes a significant impact, albeit on a different scale. Since their inception in 1982, they have been instrumental in integrating people of foreign origin. They too provide a place and a sense of belonging, but within a more relaxed, family-like setting. Currently competing successfully in the District League, their goal is to bring together people of diverse backgrounds, creating a community to combat cliques and prejudice.

Just like these clubs, ARTKURAT listens, supports, and enriches. Socially strong and united for less negativity in the world .