SV Atlas

Oberliga Lower Saxony 2023/2024

We created a new artwork for the SV Atlas season change, with the basic idea: Delmenhorst industrial culture. The result is impressive!


When SV Atlas and us as an agency come together, things are created that other clubs – especially those in higher leagues – envy. Together we give the marketing of football a new look.

Delmenhorst industrial culture

With the production of wool, jute and linoleum, Delmenhorst once occupied a very important position in the global industrial sector. The former Nordwolle site in particular is still one of the largest industrial monuments in Europe today. This brief history now provides material for our unmistakable artwork for the 2023/2024 season.


SV Atlas is THE sporting flagship for the city of over 80,000 inhabitants. The club fully identifies with the city and its culture + history and sees itself as a mouthpiece for many residents. The club thus assumes – albeit subliminally – a function as an advertising medium for the city. This idea had to be embodied.

The results

The artwork

Back to industrial culture: how do we embody the theme in combination with football? One move is to shoot in the Nordwolle Museum’s turbine hall. An unmistakable location that is sure to deliver great results. Another move is the vectorized visualization of the most famous industrial objects in Delmenhorst, which in turn are to appear in creative backgrounds. In addition, it was important to maintain a clear line, give corners and edges and thus lead the industrial style.

“Schichtwechsel” (shift change) – the trailer

The first on-site inspection for the upcoming shoot took place a few days beforehand. During the brief discussion about the procedure and co. we, in the person of Benjamin, came up with the idea of shooting a short trailer on Mediaday. Moving images for the start of the season and thus the starting signal for a hopefully successful season.

Thanks to a perfectly coordinated process with SV Atlas – in the person of Stefan Keller and Timo Conrad – the media day ran smoothly and highly professionally. The final cut was the trailer. Based on an idea of ours and a great realization by Kletta Films, you can see the result here.

Incidentally, the video was also played as the opening credits for the DFB Cup highlight show on ARD – Das Erste.

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