Compliance & Vaues

ARTKURAT® is a lively space where – without exception – ALL individuals find their place. We are an open and contemporary agency that actively embodies the values of tolerance and cosmopolitanism while monitoring the adherence to laws and order.

Guiding principles

The foundation of our daily work and project execution is our own set of guiding principles. These ensure the achievement of qualitative and quantitative objectives in both object and subject.

The foundation is built on two pillars: people and projects.

compliance - ARTKURAT
  • ARTKURAT is a space free from politics, orientation, and religion – Everyone is welcome! However, all forms of extremism (e.g., left-wing and right-wing extremism), which contravene the laws, are expressly unwelcome.
  • There is only one ethic: Humanity.
  • We consistently use a familiar form of address with everyone.
  • The principle of ‘Creative in Detail’ – the technical guidelines for designing creative media must always be followed without exception.
  • Simplified working through proactive action. Solution-oriented and meticulous!
  • Full integration of personal, creative performance.

Above all stands the principle:

Does not work. How can we reach the goal?

Economic guidelines
  • Aim for 100% quality output in price and performance, according to the ordered service in materials and labor.
  • Steady annual growth.
  • Commitment to full work performance and the personal touch for a fair balance between work & colleagues, supervisors and peers.
  • Continuous improvement of one’s abilities through self-reflection and acceptance of suggestions for improvement.
Social caring
  • Work-life balance through optimal weekly working hours & above-average vacation days.
  • Complimentary water and coffee.
  • Performance-based compensation & fair adjustments.
  • Constant team-building – everyone is welcome to contribute and suggest/organize.
  • Pleasant work atmosphere through a relaxed yet very respectful interaction.
  • Active employee support & open error culture with active learning.
Ecological aspects
  • Increased procurement of more sustainable printing materials, such as recycled paper, grass paper, compostable printing films.
  • Energy savings


Social standards & laws

Adherence to laws and European ethical standards is our top priority. We stand against child labor, forced labor, and the exclusion of any law-abiding group of people. Suppliers and customers are also deemed acceptable only if they uphold these social standards. Diversity and inclusion are part of our community of values! Discrimination against minority groups is an absolute no-go in our corporate culture.

Work safety & data protection

Based on legal requirements, the compliance with work safety and data protection is ensured. In addition, measures for the protection of data and employee safety are always welcome. The security of customer data and the confidentiality of projects are of utmost importance.


Since the guiding principles and compliance are the basis of our agency’s activities, all standards must be maintained at all times and in every environment. Any breaches must be reported to the management immediately!