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ARTKURAT® is an agency that assists brands and businesses in developing sustainable and successful identities and market positions.



ARTKURAT® is an agency that assists brands and businesses in developing sustainable and successful identities and market positions.


Brand marketing

Products or services don’t sell themselves. Successfully captivating your customers with emotional details and narrating the story of your brand constitutes effective brand marketing .

How do you envision positioning yourself and your company/brand , and what values do you embody? Brand marketing is designed to ensure that in the minds of your target group, you are their preferred choice, not just another interchangeable producer or service provider.

Brand building

It all starts with brand building. You develop your brand, define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and communicate your message outward. Sounds simple? It requires passion, creativity and above all, a strategy to successfully bring your brand to life and make it unforgettable.

Stimulate desire and become the solution for your target group, giving your brand a face. Consider who you want to excite and what stories your future customers will adore. Narrate authentically and creatively. What brand name fits? Is a relaunch or a regeneration more suitable?

Resolve the fundamental questions and thereby develop your brand identity. Or consult a brand agency – we for instance, excel at brand creation !

Brand design

Design is also a crucial part of your brand marketing. The visual requirements for your brand are straightforward, yet multifaceted:
To embed your brand sustainably in the minds of your target audience, you need a logo that is as memorable as it is authentic, reflecting the look & feel of your brand identity, and a clear visualization of your messages.

If you manage to engage all your customers’ senses, you’ll be remembered. Heed the secrets of neuromarketing and utilize insights about consumer decision-making to your advantage! Then, everything becomes simple, and your customers will adore your brand!

We’re here to support you – reliably and flexibly.

Brand vitality

Is in theory everything perfect? Then bring your brand message to life. Transform the purchase into an experience by filling a customer journey with all touchpoints that resonate with your target audience.

If you wish to integrate your brand into daily life and become a love interest, you need campaigns in a target group-relevant media mix. Which channels you choose for distribution depends on where your customers are: on social media, in front of the radio, YouTube or oldschool between newspaper pages?

That’s exactly where you need to be, just stay focused! Analyze and select carefully, as budgets are limited. Do you need a sparring partner in brand development ? Ask us – we’re professionals in brand marketing.

Making brands present.

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