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Launching a great campaign is like showing off a new car—not just to admire in the garage but to drive across town for everyone to see!

We do

Launching a great campaign is like showing off a new car—not just to admire in the garage but to drive across town for everyone to see!

Cross-media campaigning

Think big when rolling out your campaign and don’t limit yourself to just your favorite medium. The communication mix for an outstanding campaign includes exactly those media your target audience uses—online and offline. This way, you don’t just reach a segment of potential customers but speak to everyone—your existing customers, new customers, and returning customers, aka Lost Friends.

Instead of thinking small and fragmented, campaigning pursues the idea of a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates all essential touchpoints and media. While this might sound a bit cumbersome in theory, it’s one of the most exciting topics in business: generating conversions, boosting sales, all through a campaign perfectly tailored to the target audience! Campaigning is the magic word for greater visibility, an improved image and more success!

Vibrant campaigning

A campaign is more successful the better its components are planned and executed. It all starts with setting goals. What do the creations look like? Which media will be used?

Depending on the target audience, options might include magazines, OOH (Out-of-Home), or newspapers in offline marketing, as well as social media, newsletters, or display ads in the online universe. The decision for the media mix should be deliberate, relying on user figures collected by professionals. Feel free to ask us, as the success of the campaign significantly depends on the distribution of your creations.

To stick with our example: Driving your new car into the forest will hardly get you noticed by anyone other than rabbits and deer. Speaking of which, don’t neglect Monitoring & Controlling at all, as these figures provide valuable information about campaign success and form the basis for further decisions.

Road to campaigning

What does all this mean for your practice? First, analyze relevant numbers and data. Then, define your objectives and analyze the competition. Next, plan your strategy and develop a customer journey that truly resonates with your target audience—multichannel instead of one-dimensional.

When developing your creations, imagination and craftsmanship are required, as the bait needs to appeal to the fish, not the fisherman. What does your target audience like that also fits both you and your product? Address potential customers directly by selecting the right media and conduct an initial success check during the campaign to monitor its quality and optimize measures if necessary. Sounds like a lot all at once?

We are happy to be your partner! Talk to us, and we’ll develop your campaign together.

With campaigning to success.

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