DFB Cup: SV Atlas

Match of the century 2019/2020

Comprehensive creative support for SV Atlas Delmenhorst in the match of the century against SV Werder Bremen.


Starting position

It’s Saturday, May 25, 2019. 2:15 p.m. – kick-off on time for a match that nobody could have guessed would be a spectacle a few weeks later. SV Atlas will play the final of the Krombacher Lower Saxony Cup (amateurs) at the Eilenriedestadionr in Hanover and win the match 3:2.

In addition to the winner’s trophy, participation in the upcoming DFB Cup round awaits our SV Atlas. Top-class opponents, from FC Bayern Munich to third division clubs, are potential opponents. The draw was scheduled for June 16, 2019. SV Atlas players and fans gathered for public viewing and watched the live round on TV.

What followed can hardly be described. The term “cracker” would be a complete misnomer in this case, which is why the match ultimately became the “match of the century”. SV Atlas Delmenhorst faced its direct neighbor, SV Werder Bremen from the Bundesliga. The two clubs are separated by 14.37 km as the crow flies and just one city border. SV Werder is drawn by various professional clubs. However, the boundless joy did not last long, as such an event requires a great deal of planning.

In brief: SV Atlas moved the match to SV Werder Bremen’s home ground, the Weserstadion, due to the huge interest. With 41,500 spectators, ticket sales exceeded everything imaginable and turned out to be a record attendance for a first round match of the DFB Cup. Incidentally, SV Werder Bremen won the match 6:1.

Jersey design

Even before all the hustle and bustle, we were working on the event, albeit unknowingly. We were commissioned to design creative proposals for the upcoming home game jersey, which was finally selected as the DFB Cup jersey.

It was a special honor to be allowed to design the official event jersey for the DFB Cup, which will subsequently be produced by the sporting goods manufacturer Erima. Various designs were on the table, but one made it to the preliminary production stage straight away.

The jersey immediately became SV Atlas’ best-selling jersey and makes us even more proud to have been allowed to take over the creation. The shirt has had a special place in our office ever since.

Event communication

With the announcement of the opponent, the event-specific work began, in which we had to think about the promotion in order to start promptly with all this. The following is a brief overview of our work, which was always carried out in close coordination with the DFB and SV Werder Bremen.


Full support for various print material, jerseys, promotion, merchandising and social media support.


Fan scarf

A souvenir scarf for eternity, that was the brief. We then created the following scarf for production.

fan scarf DFB Pokal 19/20 Werder SV Atlas

Fan shirt

For all those who did not want to afford the jersey, a cheaper fan shirt was to be produced.


Fans had the opportunity to secure one of the limited edition announcement posters.


Announcement posters

The official match announcement poster! Created for print and digital use, it reflects the roofline and floodlights of the Weser Stadium. In the club’s own colors we signal the host club.

Team bus

A big game deserves a glorious journey. Hutfilters Reisedienst made it possible for the SVA to have one of their coaches lettered, for which we were allowed to carry out the creation.

Social media


The game was promoted in various ways via social media. In addition to the game itself as an event, sales of merchandise had to be boosted.


On match day, we voluntarily took over the maintenance of the social media account and thus the live posting of match events and more from the press box.


In addition to all these measures, we created various signs and banners for the press conferences and stadium graphics for inclusion on the information boards.

For the sake of simplicity, we mainly use the masculine form of language, but include all groups of people (m, f, d) equally.