GIF creation

GIF creation on behalf of the FDP

GIF creation

For the FDP, in persona Murat Kalmis’, we proactively brought the idea of generating GIFs that can be used globally. This concerned the election campaign for the mayoral election in Delmenhorst in 2021 and the election campaign for the state election in Lower Saxony in 2022.

Idea, production and embedding

We took over the entire process of GIF creation, consisting of submitting the idea, shooting, post-processing and implementation for global retrieval.

Over 7800000 views

As of September 2023, the GIFs created have been viewed over 7.8 million times. A remarkable number and an absolutely successful implementation with the FDP. On this page you can see the most viewed GIFs by far.

GIF-Creation statistics

You can find more GIFs at or simply in the GIF searches on WhatsApp, Instagram and Co.

For the sake of simplicity, we mainly use the masculine form of language, but include all groups of people (m, f, d) equally.