natural cosmetics

In addition to the logo, we developed the entire marketing concept for Nogi natural cosmetics, including a 24-month media plan and the packaging design for the cosmetic products.

Logo Nogi natural cosmetics

The logo

What should the logo embody and who should it appeal to? The core of the target group consists of female shoppers between the ages of 25 and 45. It was important to address this target group with the logo and to embody the brand’s own idea. The final result was the following logo with the following characteristics: clarity, mid+ price segment, naturalness – in the form of the N – and femininity – in the form of the color scheme. The color gradient underlines the “elegance”.

Marketing concept

In order to tailor the concept, we first analyzed the entire market for beauty care products and identified developments. We were also able to determine a key figure for the budget to be provided on the basis of market figures so that we would not be left behind in terms of marketing in relation to our competitors. The second step focused specifically on the natural cosmetics market, segmentation, development and the crystallization of opportunities and risks. This was followed by an analysis of the industry structure, which was carried out together with the previous aspects of the brand strategy.

Brand strategy

We have anchored the brand strategy in the concept, including the complete marketing mix (pricing policy, product policy, communication/advertising policy and sales policy).

Nogi concept

The packaging

After initially deciding together to use existing bottle and tube shapes, the client commissioned us to create the entire packaging. As far as possible, we developed a brand design with a recurring grid and a matching brand image.

B2B sales folder

For stores/resellers, we created a specific sales folder for the brand, products and promotions.

B2C folder

Since Nogi also sells the products in its own store, we developed a high-quality and haptically first-class folder.

Der Store

Web presence

For the sake of simplicity, we mainly use the masculine form of language, but include all groups of people (m, f, d) equally.